Fix Sink Drain Stuck

Fix Sink Drain StuckPop-up sink plugs assist with controlling the flow of water via the sink drain pipes.

Pressing the pop-up plug locks the drain and keeps the water contained in the sink and pressing it once again opens up the drain.

At times, the pop-up plug gets stuck or quits working. So knowing how to remove pop-up sink plugs becomes essential.

Pop-up sink plugs can be taken out and supplanted without any problem. For additional intricate installations, utilize a flexible wrench or a simple wrench.

Fix Sink Drain Stuck

Fix Sink Drain Stuck

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A sink plug that is stuck in the shut position can be a test. Shaking the lift rod doesn’t work. Prying the stopper loose with your fingernails is hard to do; in addition, it’s awful for your nails.

It just so happens, unsticking a sink’s pop-up plug is extraordinarily simple. There are several sink strategies you should initially attempt, yet it’s generally best to advance straightforwardly to raising the stopper from beneath the sink, then, at that point, fixing the issue so it doesn’t reoccur.

The Most Effective Method to Remove Pop Up Sink PlugĀ 

Stage 1: Lift the Plug by turning it clockwise

  • Pressing and turning the pop-up plug counterclockwise can lift up the plug from the sink. A few sorts of pop-up plugs can be lifted up this way without any problem.
  • Others will require additional moves toward removal. The other kind of pop-up plugs should be removed from under the sink.

Stage 2: Track down the pop-up plug tailpipe

  • There is a tailpipe under the drain of the pop-up sink plug. The tailpipe of the sink must be opened for the removal of the spring-up sink plug.
  • The tailpipe is under the cabinet of the sink, going directly from the sink bowl to the drainage framework.

Step 3: Find the sink tailpipe nut

  • Go under the sink and find the tailpipe nut in it. The tailpipe nut is associated with the pop-up sink plug augmentation.
  • At the point when you have tracked down the nut, then, at that point, open up the nut with the help of a wrench.
  • Turn the nut in the opening direction to open the tailpipe joint and the pop-up sink plug augmentation.

Stage 4: Find and Remove the pivot rod

  • Turning the nut will permit you to eliminate the pivot rod under the sink. The turn bar contains the expansion of the pop-up sink plug.
  • Removing the pivot rod will assist you with eliminating the pop-up plug from the sink.

Unstick a Sink Plug From Above the sink

Pull With the help of a Suction Cup

  • Sink stoppers are around 1 1/4 inches in diameter. In this way, any Suction cup more modest than that size might have the option to pull up the stopper. Now and again, the Suction cup even has sufficient grasp to work when the sink basin is loaded with water.
  • Search for little Suction cups on restroom shaving mirrors, shower wall snares, window glass snares, or children’s toys.

Pull With the help of a Magnet

  • A solid interesting earth (neodymium) magnet might be sufficiently able to hook onto a sink plug and pull it up.
  • Search areas of strong magnets holding kitchen utensils or spice containers to walls, on fridges, in fishing gear, or in workshops.

Pop-Up Plug Components

  1. Pop-Up Plug: The sink stopper is the part that has a round segment in the sink basin, with a long plastic piece that reaches out beneath the sink basin.
  2. Lift Rod: The lift bar, a meager metal pole with about an inch or two over the sink basin, is utilized to open and shut the pop-up stopper.
  3. Lift Bar Strap: Found completely beneath the sink, the lift rod strap is a flat metal piece with five to eight holes. One finish of the horizontal rod reaches out into one of the holes. The highest point of the lift rod strap is associated with the lower part of the lift rod.
  4. Horizontal Bar: A significant part of unsticking a pop-up stopper, the horizontal rod is a thin metal bar that reaches out from the sink’s drainpipe to the lift rod strap.
  5. Cut: The clasp is a small, level piece of metal framed into a U-shape. The clasp attaches the horizontal pole to the lift rod strap.

Stopping a Clogged Drain

Utilize a sink shroom to assist with stopping future clogs up in a drain.

Basically, remove the popup sink plug and supplant it with a sink shroom.

Unclogging a Clogged drain with a popup sink plug

  1. You can utilize a liquid drain opener that will clear the clog in the event that you can get the popup plug open. Stay with a gel formula that is better at dissolving clogs.
  2. In some cases, cleanser and flotsam, and get stuck inside the drain and get the plug stuck. Pressing on the fitting a piece harder can assist you with removing some trash.
  3. Other than the above steps, squirming the pop-up plug clockwise and anticlockwise can likewise assist with removing it from the sink. Then you can physically remove the clog.
  4. Those are the moves toward helping you unclog and remove a pop-up sink plug from your sink and clean your sink without any problem.

Instructions to Fix a Sink Stopper That is Stuck

  1. There are times when there’s a stuck sink stopper in your sink that can prompt a clogged and filthy sink.
  2. Fixing it very well may be simple. In the event that there is a little knob or handle on the stopper, attempt to pull that up. This will assist you with eliminating it.
  3. On the off chance that it doesn’t have a handle on it, utilize a butter knife to begin delivering the edge. Remove the turning point of the suction cup and use pliers to pull it up.

How Does a pop-Up Sink Plug Work

  1. Keeping a pop-up sink plug requires information on the mechanism.
  2. The spring component present in the plug assists it with pop up all over. It helps close and release the water in the sink.
  3. There is likewise a pivot rod bar that locks the sink stopper under the sink.
  4. Being familiar with pop-up plugs and their evacuation will be helpful to manage issues like clogged drains and damaged plugs.


Hope now you can fix sink drain stuck and keep it working smoothly. If you still have any queries or feedback then you can drop your queries in the comment section below.