Simple 1 BHK House Plan Drawing

Simple 1 BHK House Plan Drawing – 1 BHK house plans are single residency homes that highlight one room, corridor, and kitchen with a connected washroom. What’s more, with regards to the 1 bhk cabin plan it comprises an inward flight of stairs that interfaces the patio above.

Least livable size for 1 BHK home arrangement.

Simple 1 BHK House Plan Drawing

Simple 1 BHK House Plan Drawing

According to Building bye-laws, livable room sizes are referenced in the standard book which should be trailed by the planners.

These are the base sizes for rooms that are expected to follow while planning:

1) Kitchen – 5.5 sqm

2) Shower – 1.8m X 1.1m

3) Wc – 1.1m X 0.9m

4) Bed – 9.5 sqm

5) Living – 9.5 sqm

In this manner, the base size of a Simple 1 BHK House Plan Drawing with joined toilets summarizes to 300 sqft. In any case, individuals who wish to assemble cabin plans go for additional square feet.

The trademark for a youthful couple or singles home is a One BHK loft. Yet, those homes don’t need to be plain or distinct. A-One BHK house plans are homes with a lobby and one room with joined washrooms, subsequently the name.

There is an inside flight of stairs that interfaces the patio with regards to a one BHK cabin plan alongside different rooms. We have organized some ravishing present-day, novel 1 BHK house plans you can investigate prior to planning your home. Peruse on!

Best Vastu Tips For 1 BHK Homes:

  • Here is a portion of the Vastu tips you can follow, whether it is embellishments or the positions of the rooms that could make your one BHK the desired home.
  • You can forestall cynicism by picking the house’s entrance in the correct course. As per Vastu, making an entrance on the North or upper east side is proposed, bringing the morning sun rays.
  • The ideal room area for a 1 BHK is the southwest corner of the home, which will assist you with feeling loose and carrying harmony to your home.
  • Pick a kitchen confronting the East heading for a one BHK house plan according to Vastu. Nonetheless, the best spot to make a kitchen is the southeast heading.
  • Pick the West or the northwest corner of your home for the washroom with white-hued tiles, which will guarantee a quiet feeling.
  • The Upper East, East, or North are the spots for galleries since they carry daylight into the house, bringing energy.
  • The house’s North, Upper East, West, or South corners can be the ideal spots to make a residing space or drawing room.
  • Get a condo with an unbelievable view to bring serenity or prosperous minutes. You can likewise establish a couple of pots with Vastu plants in the event that you can’t track down a spot with vegetation.
  • Ensure the number of entryways in the one BHK is a significant number in light of the fact that the odd number of entryways brings negative energy into your home.

These are a portion of the delightfully planned Simple 1 BHK House Plan Drawing that grandstand special designs:

This plan includes a rectangular parlor with a pooja in the middle between the living room and kitchen. Furthermore, the kitchen is put on the southeast side of the plot making it agreeable with Vastu. This Simple 1 BHK House Plan Drawing is in full consistency according to Vastu.

Single BHK West-bound House Plan – 21’6″ X 75′:

This is a solitary bhk west-bound house plan with a 1200 sqft development region. You can find a kitchen in the Southeast, a kitchen in the South, lobby in the house’s middle. The fundamental room and a pooja room in the South with a connected latrine in the Southwest. The external region of the house has a flight of stairs in the South heading.

Single BHK North-bound House Plan (twin) – 71’9″ X 17’6″:

This is a solitary bhk northbound twin house plan with an all-out development area of 1200 sqft.

The main level has a kitchen in the Southeast, an eating region in the Upper east close to the Kitchen, and a lobby in the northwest Bearing. The southwest bearing of the house has the fundamental Room; a pooja room is available in the South.

The subsequent level has a kitchen in the Southeast; the eating region is in the Upper east close to the Kitchen with a corridor in the Northwest. The southwest course of the house has the essential Room. There is a puja room in the South, and the Southeast has a flight of stairs outside the home. There is a common latrine under the steps.

This minimal expense 1 bhk ground floor plan is well fitted into 800 sq ft. This plan comprises an open living room with a dining room connected to it and a kitchen close to it.

This is a reasonable format plan for 700 sqft. With an open living room and verandahs, this house gives more than adequate ventilation. This plan likewise includes a dry gallery in the kitchen.

This north-bound 1 bhk house plan comprises an extensive residing and a conservative kitchen for a little family.

This 1 bhk house plan with Vastu eastbound under 800 sq ft is well fitted into 24 X 32 feet. This plan comprises of a rectangular lounge room with an interior flight of stairs noticeable from the living space. Its kitchen faces the east side.

This Indian-style plan offers a wide-open living room with connected eating and pooja room.

In a legitimate square space, the designer has very much arranged the rooms. With a storeroom pooja room and more than adequate space for parking, this house is a finished decent package.

The plan of this house looks like a run-of-the-mill Simple 1 BHK House Plan Drawing. This arrangement on the ground floor is 1 bhk yet gives an adequate degree for advancement on the primary floor.

Adequate ventilation and regular lights with a current trending plan. This plan gives a utility component to this house

3d house plan gives lucidity to envision things in a cutting-edge way. Also, each room here is keenly laid with adequate space given to galleries.

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