Why Are Termites Inspections a Good Idea?

Did you know that termite infestations cause as much as billions of dollars in structural damage every year? Termites are soft-bodied insects that feed on wood. These ant-like destructive pests live in huge colonies, laying over 40,000 eggs every day. They act so fast that they can infest your home and cause significant damage before you even realize you have a serious pest problem.

Termite inspections are a vital part of maintaining your home. They’re a necessity for any homeowner.

Why You Might Need a Termite Inspection

If you’re selling your home, having a termite inspection will aid you in getting the damage fixed and put that cost into your sale price. As you know, termites are silent, subterranean pests that can plague a property for many years without detection. If you list your home on the market and discover that you have termites during a home inspection, your prospective buyer will likely demand that you get the termite damage fixed before they close the deal with you. This means that you will either have to shoulder the cost or hope to find a new homebuyer.

On the other hand, if you’re the one buying a home, asking for a termite inspection can help save you from a money pit. There’s probably nothing worse than footing the bill for someone else’s oversights.

Key Benefits of Having Termite Inspections

Anyone can take a quick look at your place and check if termites are surviving off your structure. However, only a professional termite inspector is trained well and qualified to know for sure if a home has termites, then craft a treatment plan. Here are a few reasons why termite inspections are a good idea:

  • It Catches Problems Early. The number one reason why you’d want a termite inspection is so that you can stop and prevent termites from causing damage to your property. Regular inspections will increase your chances of catching the infestation early. If the termite inspector spots a problem, you can call your exterminator immediately to get the issue fixed before there’s a lot of structural damage.
  • It Helps You Save Money. Contacting a professional to perform a termite inspection may cost you a few hundred dollars each year. But if you have to deal with a termite infestation that has gone unnoticed for years, you will surely spend thousands of dollars for damage repair. Termite inspectors know what to look for and where. They have the know-how and experience required to detect and deal with these pests. The technicians will see to it that the source of the infestation is totally eliminated. This way, they can guarantee a pest-free home for years to come. Having said that, their services will definitely save you a lot of money in the long run.
  • It Helps Deal With Hazards Properly. If your property is overrun with termites, the technicians will know the appropriate chemical products to use and where they need to be applied. Many termite inspection companies choose eco-friendly substances. Besides, even if the exterminators have to use harsh pest control products, they still have the knowledge and training to ensure the safety of your family, home, and surrounding.

It’s also worth mentioning that hiring a termite inspector can help you in identifying termite activity. They can tell the difference between present and past infestation. This means that if you’re looking to buy a new home that has recently undergone a termite inspection, the inspector will guide you in acquiring the termite treatment documentation from the home seller. This particular document will also show any kind of structural repairs that have been made to the property to control the damage caused by the termites. Also Read – How Does a Home appraisal Cost Work?

A home is a huge investment. Whether you’re only starting to pay or you’ve already paid on for many years, the last thing you’d ever want is a colony of unremitting termites damaging your load-bearing walls and weakening the support of your beams. Don’t wait for these pests to incur this much havoc on your property. This type of damage is difficult, and in some cases, even impossible to fix. Schedule a professional termite inspection now to preserve the integrity of your home.