Wyze Plug Offline and Not Connecting

Wyze Plug Offline and Not ConnectingHere, in this article, we framed the logical reasons for Wi-Fi network issues with Wyze plugs.

Additionally, we made sense of how you might determine the issue yourself.

Wyze Plug Offline and Not Connecting

Wyze Plug Offline

Here are a few reasons your Wyze Plug will not interface with your home Wi-Fi:

  • You didn’t enable Bluetooth and your location on your cell phone during the arrangement.
  • Your router is working on a 2.4GHz frequency.
  • Powerless Wi-Fi signals/unstable internet connection.
  • Your Wi-Fi password is inappropriate.
  • Glitches in the gadget/application.

In light of that, how about we take a gander at how you can fix this issue?

Wyze Plug Offline and Not Connecting

  1. Check the Power Source

  • At times, minor issues like a broken-down power source can cause network issues with your Wyze Smart Plug. Obviously, the Plug needs a satisfactory power supply to work.
  • So prior to anything, check that the power source where the attachment is connected is utilitarian. Furthermore, affirm that the Plug has gotten power — the indicator light ought to flicker quickly to show it has gotten power and is prepared to interface with a Wi-Fi network. On the off chance that not, long-press the power button on the Plug for (around 5 seconds) until you see a blazing blue light.
  1. Turn on Bluetooth and Location

  • For reasons unknown, the Wyze Savvy Plug requires your Bluetooth and Location to be turned on during the arrangement. This assists the Plug with finding and interfacing with your home Wi-Fi network rapidly.
  • Actually, take a look at your telephone and turn on Bluetooth and Location while perhaps not currently turned on. For best outcomes, restart your telephone prior to turning on Bluetooth and Location service. You can switch them off after the arrangement.
  • Then, attempt to associate your gadget again to check whether it works. In the event that is not, see the following stage.
  1. Actually, look at Your Wi-Fi Frequency

  • Wyze Plugs (outside and indoor), at this point, just support the 2.4GHz Wi-Fi frequency. The significance is assuming your Wi-Fi switch is working on the 5GHz frequency, your Wyze Plugs will not interface with it.
  • So what to do? Check your switch and change the Wi-Fi band to 2.4GHz. This ought to fix the network issues — expecting it was formerly running on the 5GHz band.
  • Assuming the issue continues, proceed to the following stage.
  1. Check and Fix Weak Wi-Fi Signal Strength

  • Your Wyze Shrewd Plugs require solid Wi-Fi signal solidarity to associate. In the event that your switch isn’t providing an adequate signal, the association may be slow or will not associate by any means.
  • A basic method for testing the Wi-Fi signal strength is to have a go at opening a site page on your telephone’s browser. Guarantee your telephone is associated with a similar Wi-Fi network to the Plugs.
  • In the event that the website page opens gradually or doesn’t open by any means, there’s a decent opportunity that your Wi-Fi network is weak. To fix this, restart your switch and take a stab at moving the Plug nearer to the switch.
  • You may likewise need to get a Wi-Fi booster to broaden the scope of your Wi-Fi signals.
  1. Affirm Your Wi-Fi Password

  • You can’t get the plug to interface with Wi-Fi assuming the Wi-Fi password is inaccurate.
  • Twice take a look at your Wi-Fi password and assure you enter it accurately. On the off chance that you’ve failed to remember your password, reset your router and set another password.
  • All the more thus, check whether your Wi-Fi name contains a few unique symbols. Provided that this is true, rename and try not to utilize Chinese characters and so forth. Attempt to associate your plug again to check whether it performs.

In the event that it’s as yet not working, proceed to the following.

  1. Factory Reset the Plug

Assuming nothing from what was just mentioned fixes aids, the probabilities are the plug is defective. What’s more, playing out a Factory reset as a rule assists with fixing a few drawbacks.

Not certain how to reset your Wyze Plug? This is the way to do that:

  • Find the power button (ON/OFF button) on the Plug, then press and hold it for around 5 seconds. This ought to reset the Plug.
  • Then, go to find out about Play Store or Apple Application Store (contingent upon your telephone) and check to assume there are new updates to the Wyze application. Provided that this is true, update it and afterward set up the Plug once more.
  • Everything ought to work fine at this point. In any case, in the event that is not, have a go at calling Wyze Consumer care for assistance.

FAQs on Wyze Plug Offline and Not Connecting:

  • Does Wyze Smart Plug work with Alexa?

Indeed, Wyze Savvy Plugs are viable with Alexa and even Google Home. So once appropriately set up, you have some control over the Plug/gadgets connected to it hands-free.

  • How do I change the Wi-Fi on my Wyze Smart Plug?

To interface your Wyze Plug to another Wi-Fi, you’ll have to play out a factory reset on the gadget to remove the current Wi-Fi network. Then, set up the Plug with another Wi-Fi.

  • Wyze Smart Plug offline; what to do?

On the off chance that your Wyze plug isn’t identified by the application or the application says it’s offline, the likelihood is that the plug is separated from Wi-Fi or it hasn’t received power. Follow the investigating ventures (above) in this article to fix the issue.

Generally speaking, consistently reset your Plug and attempt to associate once more — assuming that you notice issues like the plug is offline, not detected, sluggish, inaccessible, and so forth.

  • Wyze Plug keeps disconnecting; what to do?

Assuming your Wyze plug is often separating from Wi-Fi, the likelihood is that your Wi-Fi network signal is failing. Different causes incorporate not utilizing the ongoing variant of the application and associating it with an unsupported Wi-Fi band.

Ways to Fix Wyze Plug Offline and Not Connecting

  1. Draw your fitting nearer to the more rote or broaden your Wi-Fi network signal with a Wi-Fi extender.
  2. Update the Wyze application introduced on your telephone.
  3. Restart your router and ensure it doesn’t switch bands consequently. Set it to work just on the 2.4GHz band.
  4. Update your router if necessary.
  5. This ought to fix the incessant detachment issues.
  • Wyze Plug not working with Alexa; what to do?

This is what to do in the event that your Wyze plug isn’t working with Alexa:

Check and update the Wyze and Alexa applications — contingent upon your gadget, head toward Google Play Store or Apple Application Store to check and refresh the applications. Next, unlink and relink Wyze Ability in the Alexa application. This is the way to do that:

  1. Open the Alexa application on your telephone and tap the menu symbol (seems to be three horizontal lines) in the upper left-hand corner.
  2. Click on “Skills and Games” and afterward tap “Your Skills”.
  3. Click on “Wyze” and afterward tap “Disable Skill”.
  4. Now, click on “Disable” to unlink Wyze Skill. Then, tap “Enable to Use”.
  5. Sign in with your Wyze account data and click on “Accept” to relink Wyze Skill to Alexa.

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This ought to fix the issue. So you can have a go at controlling your Wyze plug by means of Alexa.

So now you have the complete guide to fixing Wyze Plug Offline and Not Connecting and know more about it here.