How to Fix a Scratched Mirror Back?

How to Fix a Scratched Mirror BackA scratch in the mirror eliminates its ideal shine and unique beauty.

Mirror rebuilding can be more earnest than most fix undertakings and furthermore moderately costly on the off chance that you look for assistance from a professional.

Figuring out How to Fix a Scratched Mirror Back can cost you less. Peruse on to figure out how.

How to Fix a Scratched Mirror Back?

How to Fix a Scratched Mirror Back

A scratched mirror is definitely not a destroyed one. However scratches are diverting, so it is feasible to re-establish the mirror to its past condition utilizing a resilvering spray or Do-It-Yourself (DIY) home ingredients.

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Instructions to Fix a Scratched Mirror Back by Resilvering

  • You will utilize a glass silver-like spray to fix the mirror back.
  • Clean any waste from the scratched-back region.
  • Then, at that point, shake the spray can for 1-2 minutes prior to utilizing it.
  • Apply the spray onto the scratches from 8-10 inches away. Shower in a sweeping side-to-side movement.
  • Stand by 1 moment between each coat. Apply 5 coats for a strong resilvering.
  • It will require 10 minutes to dry and you can reinstall and involve the mirror in 60 minutes.

Step-by-Step Steps to Fix a Scratched Mirror Back with DIY Home Materials

The Materials that you really want are:

  • Soft fabric
  • White toothpaste
  • Dry mustard
  • White vinegar
  • Clear nail paint
  • mirror cleaner
  • Aluminum foil
  • Clear tape
  • Hobby paint

Stage 1: Rub the mirror with toothpaste

The ingredients present in toothpaste can clean out scratches from a mirror.

  • Utilize a liberal measure of toothpaste on a soft fabric and rub it over the scratch tenderly. Utilize conventional white toothpaste with no coarseness rather than a clear gel.
  • When the paste dries, buff the region with a soft fabric to remove any overabundance of toothpaste. Check whether the scratch is less recognizable.

Stage 2: Use mustard-vinegar solution

  • In the first place, remove the mirror from its place. Lay it onto the soft fabric. Blend one part of dry mustard with one part of white vinegar.
  • Spread the mixture over the scratch and buff it with a clean lint-free fabric.

Stage 3: Clear nail paint solution

  • Now and then, clear nail polish can reflect back. It is great for covering further scratches.
  • Add a layer and sit tight for it to dry. Check whether the scratch is less observable and possibly not then add another layer.

Stage 4: Apply a mirror cleaner solution

  • “Cerium Oxide”- this is the strong ingredient to fix a scratched mirror back.
  • For a without streak clean, utilize Ideal Glass to reestablish a mirror’s shine. Simply splash and wipe with a soft cloth.

Stage 5: Aluminum foil fix

For a simple fix with the materials you as of now have in your home, the aluminum foil fix is a fast method for fixing your mirror.

  • This maintenance will give the scratch its intelligent look in the future.
  • On the off chance that your mirror is inside a casing, take it out tenderly. Carefully, lay it level face down onto the surface, ideally a soft mat or fabric.
  • Analyze the backside of your glass and measure the size of the scratch. Slice the foil paper to the right size.
  • Set the foil paper set up, intelligent side down over the scratch with the goal that it covers the whole scratched region.
  • Then, at that point, tape down one edge of the foil paper with magic tape.
  • Smoothen out any w wrinkles from the foil paper with your finger or the adjusted side of a spoon.
  • Tape the leftover edges of the foil paper and remount the mirror.

Stage 6: Use a hobby paint pen

A final detail with an intellectual paint pen can be a spending plan cordial fix for more modest scratches.

  • In the wake of putting the mirror on a soft surface, find the scratch, and clean the region with a soft clean fabric.
  • Allow the mirror to surface dry for the paint to stick.
  • Stir the final detail pen well.
  • Apply the paint pen
  • Hobby paint stores sell different kinds of intelligent paints.
  • On the scratched region and cover it totally. You can add a couple of layers yet make a point to trust that the layer will dry first.
  • After the layers have dried up, set back the mirror in the casing and it is prepared for putting.

Technique 7: Utilizing a Re-silvering kit

There are a couple of simple home cures, however, in the event that you will move forward with a remedy for your mirror, you can get a resilvering kit.

  • Utilizing a resilvering unit is precarious. It is likewise costly, even can cost more than the cost of the mirror.
  • You can find a resilvering pack from online stores or a close by store.
  • Prior to getting a resilvering unit, be certain that main the back covering of the mirror has been harmed and not the actual mirror. Since a resilvering unit won’t right the glass harm. On the off chance that the mirror glass itself has been harmed, you will need to utilize a glass repair kit.
  • Resilvering packs have chemicals present in them that are poisonous and should be maneuvered carefully.
  • To start with, you really want to completely peruse the label instructions. Then, at that point, you can begin with a paint stripper to strip the back paint of the mirror.
  • Wear safety gloves prior to taking care of the chemical. Utilize nitric acid to eliminate the silver covering from the backside of your mirror.
  • Clean the stripped glass cautiously with deionized water and a spotless, build-up-free fabric. Dry the glass totally to eliminate any surface contamination.
  • Blend the silver covering chemicals in the sprayer and apply it to the posterior of the mirror glass.
  • Allow the silver covering to dry totally. Apply copper paint over the dried silver covering. Allow the copper to paint dry.
  • You should adhere to the guidance remembered for your resilvering unit for the right application.
  • Cover the posterior of the mirror with defensive support paint, and when it is dry, the mirror is prepared to be reexamined and hung.


So now you know How to Fix a Scratched Mirror Back and you will get your brand new mirror back with the DIY steps. If you still have any queries or feedback then drop your queries in the comment section below.