How to Mount a TV on Stone Fireplace?

How to Mount a TV on Stone Fireplace – The adaptability to wall-mount a TV is perhaps the main redesign you can make to your living room or home theater. It’s normal for a fireplace to be the focal point of a  design layout.

A level screen TV might be mounted on the fireplace, regardless of whether the design is made of stone, insofar as concrete anchors are utilized to hold the screws before the TV is installed.

How to Mount a TV on Stone Fireplace?

How to Mount a TV on Stone Fireplace

Here is a bit-by-bit guide on the most proficient method to mount a television on a stone fireplace accurately to save you from any misfortune.

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Things Your will Required to Mount a TV on Stone Fireplace

  • A layout for imprinting on paper (discretionary)
  • MaskingMeasuring tape or a pencil
  • Estimating tape
  • Stud finder
  • A power drill
  • Screwdrivers with Phillips heads or flatheads
  • A television bracket that fits the size of your television
  • Hardware for mounting (screws, spacers, and so on, yet these frequently accompanied the television bracket)
  • You might require a second individual to help you hoist and place the television, for extra hands.

Step-by-Step Instructions [How to Mount a TV on Stone Fireplace]

Stage 1: Recognizing the layout of the stone wall

  1. Consider your stone wall fireplace before you install or mount a television on a wall of stone. For those with a stone wall that consumes wood, consider an option a magnificent accomplice to add extra authenticity.
  2. Utilize a hole saw to make a peephole to embed the camera into the stone wall or stone wall and see what was happening behind it.
  3. Search for a vacant region around the stone wall to embed the timber outlining. On the off chance that you don’t approach the top behind your stone wall, request the expert for a couple of ideas on situating the frame.

Stage 2: Pick the right television position.

  1. Whenever you’ve settled on the right mounting section for your television, you’ll have to figure out where and how high to put it. While wall-mounting a television, a legitimate wall area is indispensable since your capacity to change the place of the television later is limited, even with an enunciated wall mount.
  2. The initial step is to find the right wall. Your living room or home theater chairs will permit you to watch films and television programs from this central spot easily. It’s fundamental to guarantee that your wall has all of the suitable power outlets and any cable or satellite hookups.
  3. Hold back nothing level review distance between the center point of the television screen and the listener’s eyes. This is the point at which a subsequent individual proves to be useful; they can confirm the comfort and point while you and another partner hold the genuine television. The base right or left corner might be set apart with a pencil or masking tape to demonstrate the suitable area.

Stage 3: Search for the studs

  • Whenever you’ve picked the ideal area for the section, you’ll have to find the wall studs to accurately connect it. The underlying strength expected to hold a television weighing somewhere in the range of 30 to 100 pounds is given by mounting your television wall section to the studs.
  • In any case, in light of the fact that the television’s weight will be a lot for the stone or drywall, you should tie down the mount to the studs. It’s not difficult to find a stud by using a minimal-expense stud locater or some other technique.
  • Decide the number of studs you need to find by measuring the mounting points on the television section. A great many people will utilize a spread of two studs, one on each side of the middle. Be that as it may, it could be important to utilize three studs, contingent upon your wall’s construction and the television mount you pick.
  • Then, utilizing a pencil, you might follow the framework of the studs on the wall.

Stage 4: Mark the Hold Position

  • After this step, you’ll have to assign where you need to bore into the wall. You might utilize a level to make sure that these markings are equitably dispersed between the two studs and that the amount isn’t slanted. 
  • Pilot holes might be set apart on the wall with a pencil, or you can utilize a pre-printed template or make one of your own to assign where the holes ought to be drilled.

Stage 5: Ensure the Brackets are Perfectly Located

  • Now is the right time to introduce the section to the wall whenever you’ve stamped where you need it.
  • Place the bracket flush against the wall, adjust one screw to the primarily assigned hole, and afterward fix the screws to secure the bracket.
  • Change the contrary side of the casing to agree with the second hole, keeping that point set up as required. At long last, utilize a level to guarantee the mount is level when lined up with your planned pilot holes.

Stage 6: Drill Pilot Openings

Drill pilot holes into the studs to begin the installation procedure.

Step 7: Mount the Wall Section

  • To append the wall section, utilize the given screws to drill pilot holes in the wall. To tie down the frame to the wall, utilize a power drill, screwdriver, or ratchet to drive the wall screws into the studs.
  • Screws ought to be already tight to keep the bracket set up against the wall with no squirm or clatter. At the point when screws sink into the wall or frames are disfigured, you’ve overtightened them.
  • You’re well-headed to install your television after you have the wall bracket set up.

Stage 8: Put the Television Mounting Plate into Position.

  • To continue, you’ll have to associate the television’s mounting plate with the wall. To immovably put the television on the wall, the second piece of the television mount is connected to the backside of the television. An extensible arm, a rail system, or even a basic clip might interface the two segments, contingent upon the mount.
  • Gather your television by adjusting the mounting holes with its mounting plate.
  • Then, assemble the television mount by screwing the mounting plate to the television utilizing the provided screws.
  • Watch out for harm to the television’s case or stripped screw heads, the two of which could make it hard to install (or remove) the television later on.
  • When the screw has been fixed to a quarter turn, it’s smart to turn it another quarter turn.

Stage 9: Join the Television Mount to the Wall Section

  • The main thing passed on to do is interface the wall section to the television mounting plate. It might be ideal to assume that you started by raising your television to the right level or to some degree higher than where you wish to put it to bring down the television to the bracket and plate.
  • There are different techniques for interfacing this part, remembering a drop-for association with security screws that might fix in the wake of joining, as well as connections that clip or screw into place, contingent upon the application.
  • While joining a plate to the bracket, follow the directions that accompanied the television mount.
  • Look out for the external bezels of the television while raising it, and never utilize the actual glass to move the television. Additionally, try not to press or grab the screen, which may effectively damage the display.
  • To support the weight of the television, you should initially interface the amount to the bracket.


So now you know How to Mount a TV on Stone Fireplace and give a new fresh look to your living room. If you have any doubts then drop your queries in the comment section below.